1 August 2017

The 60 Second Series

bite size business videosThe 60 Second Series

We provide a series of short information videos about key business and lending topics. These short videos are designed as bit size pieces of information that are easy to watch and understand.

Another thing we do to be different and offer you more.

New videos released every week

Sui Generis Property

What is Sui Generis and how you can mortgage against this type of specialist property class.

Other Debtors & Other Creditors

The most commonly queried line in any company’s financial accounts. Lenders will always want the detail that hides in these lines, this video gives tips on what to do and what you should be asking your accountant.

What To Do Before a Property Valuation

The make or break of many commercial finance deals is the valuation over the property being used as security. Too many times the borrower fails to do simple things before the surveyor arrives, here are some tips to getting the best survey result

The New Way of Underwriting

How credit is underwritten and agreed is changing. If you don’t want to be caught out then you need to understand how things are changing and know how to make it work for you.