30 November 2016

About Us – Our Story

Our Story – Why We Exist

Let me tell you a story, it is why we do what we do…

“It all started one day in 2008. After nearly 20 years in commercial banking it dawned on me that I no longer enjoyed my job. The credit crunch was at it’s height. At the time I worked for a major high street bank running a portfolio of really good business clients. That morning the bank issued a directive that we were to cease all property lending and advise clients that for the time being we had stopped lending for property.

I had several clients who were waiting to complete on purchases, developers buying sites and businesses acquiring new premises. I had to break the news that the lending agreed had been pulled. If the client was left in a hole it was their hole, not ours.

To me my clients were never just names and numbers, they were people. For many, I knew them well, knew their families and was an integral part of their everyday lives. They trusted me and that trust meant a lot, I had worked hard for that trust and overnight it disappeared due to a change of company policy.

I never blamed the bank for doing what they did, it was just what happened at the time across the industry. It was nothing personal, it really was an extraordinary time.

For me I realised that I no longer enjoyed my job. Everything I had loved about it for so long had gone. For many of my colleagues they could adapt to the brave new world, but for me my relationship with my clients was personal and the new dictatorial approach was not for me.

It was that day that I realised that the client had nobody on their side (genuinely on their side, not just saying it), there was nobody telling them what lenders were doing and nobody fighting their corner. There was a shift change in commercial lending, new players were entering the market, new banks, the dawn of peer-to-peer lending, yet nobody explaining how it all worked and solely working to help the client.

Something new was needed, something different. Plus, I never saw why finance required a pinstripe suit or needed to be so grey.

My phone started ringing with former clients asking for my help and Lime Consultancy was born. Dave Farmer”

About Lime Consultancy

We are an FCA authorised commercial finance broker that set out to do things differently, to put the client first and to never wear a pinstripe suit ever again. The world has changed and the world of finance had to change with it. Having failed to find a broker who was doing things how we thought they should be done we decided to lead the way.



After 20 years in commercial banking and credit underwriting David Farmer realised that the demand of the SME client and property professional was evolving but the traditional lenders were standing still.

There was a revolution happening in the commercial lending sector. New entrants were coming in to the sector offering the SME lending options which were something completely different. The demand of the borrower had changed but nobody was advising them of the lending options that now existed. Raising finance was no longer about which of the big five banks was on TV at the time.

Clients were demanding;

  • Speed of response
  • Quick decisions and quick drawdown of funds
  • More use of technology and less paper, forms, applications and red tape
  • Flexibility in how they borrow
  • Choice of who to borrow from

These were things that the traditional lenders were not providing at that time. The traditional lenders had a suite of lending products from which they suggested the best fit for what the client needed rather than look at what the client needed then find the lending option that met those needs.

Lime Consultancy was set up to not only help the client find the right lending option for them but to take the hassle out of raising finance.

What We Do That Other Brokers Don’t

There are several things we do that many of our competitors don’t. We do things differently for a reason, that reason means we get better results for our clients, less deals falling over and lenders who really want to work with us.

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Why These Things Matter

The little things we do differently provide a massive benefit to our clients. Here is a quick guide to why these things matter, if you understand why we do things differently you can understand why so many businesses choose to work with us.

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No Upfront Costs

We earn nothing unless you get an offer of finance that suits. This means that we are 100% committed to making things happen and seeing things through to completion. We are as committed to this as you are.

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No Scatter Gun

Many brokers still operate how they always used to, they take your proposal and send it to as many lenders as they consider would lend then see what comes back. This approach doesn’t work anymore. Each lender is likely to undertake a credit search, before you know it your credit report is rammed of searches and your creditworthiness has just plummeted. This seriously impacts you and will only making borrowing harder, both commercially and personally.

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Internal Underwriting

Because our skills set is different from other brokers we can do this. We take you through an underwriting process, this means that we pick up issues a lender may have very early on. In turn this means that when a lender gets your application they are far more likely to agree it. We will only put your application to one lender at one time as we believe that lender will agree the borrowing you want.

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We talk to everyone involved in the chain. Doing this means everyone knows what is needed and more deals complete quicker. It also means you are not running round chasing people up as we are doing that for you. We will even ask for a ‘read only’ log-on to your bookkeeping system so we can obtain the financial information lenders need. It really is about taking as much hassle out of it for you.

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We keep you updated along the way. We will email you when we need something, if it is urgent or requires a quick response then we will SMS text you also. If you would prefer us to talk to someone else in your firm then that’s fine also. We also prefer to work with scanned documents and on-line submissions as this simply makes things quicker.

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Lenders Like Us

Because we do things properly and make life easier for the lender we get more flexibility, quicker turnaround times and time limited offers on things like lower rates and costs. All of this means that lenders will see Lime Consultancy’s name on your proposal and try even harder to do what you want.

If you think these differences could help you then you need to know where to find us.

Where To Find Us

Gatwick – Based at the historic Beehive, our offices are 5 minutes from the M23 at junction 7 (Crawley) or 8 (Gatwick), there is plenty of parking and accessible public transport.

London – Based on Great Suffolk Street we are 5 minutes from The Tate Modern, a short walk from Blackfriars mainline station or Southwark tube. Based in the heart of London this puts us in a great location for London based clients.

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