buy to let mortgage property

Mortgage Due For Renewal?

Mortgage Renewals Over the next 24 months there will be many property investors who have investment property mortgages coming due for renewal. The challenge will be twofold; Does the rental income still stack up given the changes in affordability testing? Do the changes in taxation of investment property still make the property worthwhile? For many
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averages in economics

The Problem With Averages

Averages – They Don’t Work If you are not one for reading blog posts then there is a video version of this post available. The financial world loves averages. A quick Google search of the word ‘average’ brings up suggestions of ‘average interest’, ‘average income’ and ‘average life expectancy’. The whole world of statistics is
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monitoring company credit

The Importance of Monitoring Company Credit

Monitoring Company Credit The are enough things to do in running a business, the last thing you want is for anyone to add something to that list. I get that, however monitoring your company’s credit is important as things happen without your knowledge that can come back to bite you. Let me give you a
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