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The Growth of Airbnb in London

Airbnb Growth in London Whenever I mention Airbnb to property specialists I get varying reactions, from shock horror to intrigue. There still appears to be a chasm between the traditional landlord and the Airbnb landlord. I fully understand the two are different beasts, the proposals are very different. It is akin to the estate agent
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Other Creditors & Other Debtors

Other Creditors & Other Debtors One of the most commonly asked questions from lenders surrounds these two lines in company accounts. These two lines are often the ones that the borrower has trouble clarifying, yet they are too often ignored. The Balance Sheet on your accounts will provide a breakdown of the main creditors and
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Leave Your Audience Wanting More

How Does Your Audience Feel So how will you leave your audience feeling? You’re giving a presentation in the morning, perhaps to clients, perhaps an internal meeting. Your notes are ready, your slides are prepared, you’ve rehearsed. What could be missing? To quote from Maya Angelou, “people will forget what you said, people will forget
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What is Algorithmic Underwriting?

Algorithmic Underwriting Most people have come across credit scoring as an established way of assessing credit applications. Algorithmic underwriting is almost a next generation system, however it does things very differently and if the borrower is unaware then it can often catch them out. Where credit scoring looks at the fixed factors, algorithmic systems concentrate
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