residential property development

Development Finance – Top Tips

Development Finance – Top Tips Developers know development, lenders know lending. Somewhere between the two is a potential balance where everyone wins. These short video guides cover off some of the more common questions development borrowers ask and give an insight into how lenders view different types of development. It’s all about trying to give
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loan to value ratios

When Loan To Value Doesn’t Mean Loan or Value

Loan to value (LTV) or not loan to value That is the question. Shakespeare just when you weren’t expecting it! LTV is a pretty common acronym in property lending, it refers to the loan amount in relation to the property value. As with most things about money, what should be simple is never quite as
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business acquisition finance

Financing Small Business Acquisitions

Financing Small Business Acquisitions Mergers and acquisitions are a popular topic for the media, after all they make good headlines with big numbers to boot. The likes of Exxon Mobile, Lloyds TSB or Orange & T-Mobile, they are all familiar names with big values attached to them. The media will often quote about how different
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