6 March 2017

Real Case Studies

Sample Case Studies

These are a few examples of projects we have completed. These have been chosen as they show the broad variety of the proposals we work well with. We also publish our testimonials so you can see what our partners, clients and lenders say about us.

Tax Loan – May 2017

This case was introduced by an accountant who had a client with a pressing tax obligation. Funds were needed inside 4 days with timescales being a priority for the borrower.

case studies company borrowing


Complex Commercial Property Development – April 2017

This client ran a business and charity from premises in North London. The owners had a freehold commercial unit which they wanted to develop into a new office, cafe and community meeting space. Issues with the condition of the building, the ownership and the future use had been barriers for previous brokers.

case studies company borrowing

Limited Company Buy-To-Let – March 2017

This case was referred by a residential mortgage broker who had been unable to place the case for a number of factors. The challenges overcome in this case were, director with no UK credit history, former ex-pat borrower, lower value properties and lower value mortgages.

case studies company borrowing

Retail Unit Expansion – February 2017

This client was introduced to us by their bank as the bank had been unable to assist with the request for funding. The client was re-branding their supermarket and building an extension to the rear to increase floor space. Challenges with split of commercial/residential occupancy and that the request fell between different areas of regulation all presented issues we successfully overcame.

case studies company borrowing

Undervalue Property Purchase

This case involved raising a mortgage on a property being purchased below market value. The deal had already been to another broker who had failed to complete the case. We were given a short deadline to agree and complete the purchase mortgage.







Commercial Property Mortgage

A restaurant owner wanted to purchase a commercial property to let out. This case ran on for 366 days! There was delay after delay due to legal complexities with the freehold and leaseholds. The case exemplifies our ability to work with complex scenarios and shows we will follow things through regardless of how long it takes.







Distressed Lending Re-Financed

This case involved a client who had suffered a bereavement and had failed to pay their existing mortgage as a result. The existing lender wanted to be repaid and the client was under pressure. We worked to show why things had gone wrong and how it would now be rectified. We successfully remortgaged and saved the client from losing their property.








Lending To Non-Standard Property

This case involved a company which had an unusual structure in place, had made losses in recent periods and it’s main director was going through a difficult divorce. The company needed to raise finance to restructure and release capital to return them to profitability. Understanding what was going on and explaining that to the lender was key to getting this deal completed for the client.






More Information

If any of these cases are similar to what you want to do or you think we may be able to help then please do contact us, we are always happy to chat through any proposal you have.

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