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What we have done recently

Want to know the type of success we give our clients? These are recent examples of completed work. Click on the image to read more about how we exceeded the needs of our clients and got the right finance in place.
  • Cash Flow Finance Solved

    CBILS cash flow finance May 2020

    CBILS cash flow finance May 2020


    The business was established and proven. The circumstances were exceptional with the client being
    understandably unprepared. There was an offer of finance made by the client’s bank which they were close to accepting.


    The bank finance offered was good but fell well short of what was required. The client was left with the impression that the bank offer was the ‘best’ offer. In terms of cost of finance it was, in terms of need it definitely fell well short. We had to find a better option that met the true needs of the business.


    We took a step back and looked at the numbers for 2020 and 2021, recognising that the cash flow challenge was going to be more long term. We then worked with the client’s accountant to establish a figure that was needed from the finance to make things work. This was not about just the cost of finance, it was about ensuring the finance on offer was suitable and did the job.

    By working with a lender who could lend what the client needed we secured £183k of CBILS finance, being £120k more than their bank proposed. This was completed in May 2020.

    CBILS cash flow finance May 2020
    Cash Flow Finance Solved
  • Mortgage on Multi-Unit Freehold Block

    multi unit freehold block commercial mortgage April 2020

    multi unit freehold block commercial mortgage April 2020


    A freehold property consisting of six separate apartments was owned with the client wanting to release more cash against the property to fund their next acquisition. The property was non-standard with various quirks and unusual aspects.


    The freehold was a multi-unit block, one of the flats had limited access and another was too small for a
    conventional mortgage lender to secure against. In addition, the property had been converted without all planning restrictions having been signed off.


    Our first challenge was to source a lender who would lend for a ‘multi unit freehold’ property. After that we needed to clarify the true size of the smaller unit and work with the client’s architect to get the remaining planning issues satisfied.

    By working with the architect we could provide layout details and plan that satisfied the lender’s concerns over the layout of the property. We also used the gross income for five larger units to support the borrowing and got around the issue of one unit being too small. A mortgage of £940k was agreed and drawn in April 2020.

    multi unit freehold block commercial mortgage April 2020
    Mortgage on Multi-Unit Freehold Block
  • Increasing a Bounce Back Loan

    Increasing a bounce back loan July 2020


    Increasing a bounce back loan July 2020BACKGROUND

    When the client’s main bank declined their application for a CBILS loan they thought that their only option was a Bounce Back loan and that they would have to manage on borrowing £50k when cash flow forecasts showed them needing £100k.


    The client was advised that a Bounce Back loan prevented the business accessing any more borrowing on a Government scheme. They were also starting to delay supplier payments and making decisions about shedding staff and other costs. Time pressure was the overriding issue.


    We started by clarifying how the Government schemes worked. We explained that we could obtain more funding, we would just need to repay the Bounce Back loan as part of it.

    We then approached a lender who we knew would give a same day answer. This meant we were able to provide a finance offer within 24 hours for the amount the client needed. This case was all about correcting misinformation and looking beyond the barriers to structure a solution that worked. This case completed in July 2020

    Increasing a bounce back loan July 2020
    Increasing a Bounce Back Loan
  • Restructure Loans Onto CBILS

    CBILS restructure loan July 2020

    CBILS restructure loan July 2020


    This was a successful business that wanted to improve the structure and terms of their existing borrowing. The big issue for the client was not the cost of finance but that there were a number of personal guarantees in place which always caused disagreement during board meetings.


    At a time of uncertainty it is usually the case that lenders increase their costs and demand more certainty of repayment from the borrower. It is also the case that simply wanting better terms on your borrowing is rarely attractive to a lender. Wanting to renegotiate borrowing usually raises the concerns of a lender and can lead to opening a can of worms best left closed.


    For some time we had worked with a couple of lenders on their CBILS proposals. Having this relationship was crucial in that it meant we could refer cases ahead of our peers and could structure borrowing in a way that other brokers couldn’t. We used the CBILS scheme to raise a loan of £154k.

    This repaid the current borrowing and gave the client 12 months without needing to make any payments. Because the borrowing was below £250k on CBILS there were no personal guarantees required.

    CBILS restructure loan July 2020
    Restructure Loans Onto CBILS
  • Complex Commercial Mortgage Loan

    Commercial Mortgage May 2020

    Commercial Mortgage May 2020


    The client owned one office building and had purchased the adjacent property as it gave them a greater chance to develop both sites in the future and increased their ability to generate an income. At the time the purchase happened both units had tenants and a good demand for office space existed.


    The overriding issue was that Covid-19 had taken many commercial mortgage lenders out of the market, leaving the client with high cost finance which was running out, they had no long term mortgage on the table and the tenants in one unit had given notice.


    This case was all about relationship. Being our relationship with the client and our relationship with the lender. We reviewed the figures are decided that by combining both properties and offering more security to the lender we could overcome some risk. We also liaised with local letting agents to build a justification that the property could be re-let fairly quickly.

    By taking the lender’s concern, going the extra mile to give them comfort and providing a more considered and thoughtful proposal we secured commercial mortgage finance of £1.4m, this was completed in May 2020.


    Commercial Mortgage May 2020
    Complex Commercial Mortgage Loan
  • CBILS Commercial Mortgage

    CBILS Commercial Mortgage July 2020

    CBILS Commercial Mortgage July 2020


    A trading business which had two outlets was approached by their landlord who wanted to sell the freehold to their shop due to pressures caused by Covid-19. The purchase price offered was fair and would allow the client to obtain an asset, obtain control of their premises and remove the pressure of an ever increasing quarterly rent.


    The big challenge was that the current business was suffering due to Covid-19 and that the client needed to postpone any new loan repayments, in addition the client needed to reduce the costs of the new mortgage to ensure maximum cash was retained within the trading business.


    Using a specialist lender accredited to provide CBILS (Coronavirus business interruption loan scheme) finance as a commercial mortgage we obtained a finance offer using CBILS. This meant that there were no repayments on the mortgage in the first 12 months, in addition all loan costs are paid in this period which meant that the valuation, lender legal costs and arrangement fees were all paid for. The client had no outgoing for any of these costs.

    Using CBILS for a commercial mortgage is not well known but the benefits can be significant. We advanced £200k with the case completing in August 2020.

    CBILS Commercial Mortgage July 2020
    CBILS Commercial Mortgage
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In 2019 the British Business Bank undertook an in depth survey looking at how UK companies seek borrowing. Some of the findings are unsurprising, some the opposite.

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  • Why Choose a certain lender

    Ignoring everything else, including whether the finance is right for your business. 41% of businesses will borrow from a lender they have a relationship with regardless of terms, cost or anything else. It should always be about the right deal for you. Because we specialise we can help with that

  • borrower experience

    Only 19% of commercial entities that sought finance said their experience of borrowing either matched of exceeded their expectations. It doesn't have to be this way . Because we maintain great relationships with our lenders we understand what you want and what lenders can meet those expectations, it makes for a much better experience

  • fear of rejection

    A total of 34% of businesses cited a fear of rejection as the reason they avoided raising finance. Other top reasons were terms being too strict as well as borrowing being too expensive. This happens when you use the wrong lender . Because we know our client we know what works and what doesn't. We remove the fear of rejection and match the lending to the terms you're happy with

  • knowing your options

    Of those businesses surveyed, only 26% thought they knew what lending options existed. This means 3 in 4 businesses are unsure or don't know what options exist for financing their business. This is pretty scary but not unexpected. Because we know the options we can guide you in finding the right lending for your business

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