Tips To Improve Your Small Business – Part 1 (the 10 minute business plan)

20130503_144508We are always keen to promote the benefits of good business planning, however getting the small business to see the benefit can be a challenging thing to achieve.

In its very simplest form a business plan should set out some goals, it should highlight some areas of concern, and it should allow you to address each of these, meaning you are ultimately more successful.

Business Plans Take Time!

If we could offer you a ten minute basic business plan that you could view every day, then would that appeal?

We hope the answer may be YES. If it is a NO then you may want to click here and read the news instead…

The Ten Minute Business Plan

OK. Here goes with the simple set of instructions. To do this you will need a pen, sheet of paper and some blu-tack or sellotape.

  1. Make a fresh cup of tea, you need to clear your mind and stop thinking about that last phone call or email
  2. Write in brief what you want to achieve from your business in the next 12 months, this could be one thing, it could be a dozen. The amount doesn’t matter, but be honest, this is about your goals so let’s be a little ambitious here!
  3. Now take this piece of paper and stick it to the wall
  4. Go home, you have worked hard today…

What Next?

You now have your basic business goals, this is the start of a business plan. You now need to start thinking how you will achieve these goals and are you making progress towards them.

The chances are you will tear this paper down, however the fact that you have created this basic business plan will stay with you, it will sit in your subconscious. If nothing else we recommend you read it before your next networking event, or give it to a friend or colleague, they will always remind you of your business plan goals.

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