1980’s Retro – A Must See, Back In The Good Times

Commodore 641980’s Retro

This is a personal experience blog post. As a child of the 80’s (well teenager of the 80’s) the troubles of the 00’s was as far from my mind as anything.

So, was it better in the 1980’s? A land of Knight Rider, Horace Goes Skiing, Woolworths pic’n’mix and fluorescent socks. It had to be didn’t it.

So, with rose tinted spectacles we will forget base rate of interest at 15% in October 1989 and remember the griffin of Midland Bank and the first free current account. It was a time before debit cards, ‘Switch’ cards were a concept yet to launch and we all wrote cheques.

So What? 1980’s…

We all remember selectively, just ask any politician. But this video just made me nod my head and remember all the things that were so great growing up.

There are also a few events a little more sombre. Lockerbie and Hillsborough both seminal moments. If you get the chance then visit the Hillsborough Support Group page.

If you were born in the 1970’s then this will definitely have you reminiscing, watch and enjoy!


This Has Nothing To Do With Business or Finance

Well no it doesn’t, not really. But we all do business with people, we prefer to work with people we like for whatever reason. So, this is just a little taster of some of the things that I remember.

A business finance company with a personality, original stuff eh?

Not my video, but one that was simply too good not to share in a blog post.

As a wiseman once said, tomorrow is only possible because of yesterday. It was acceptable in the 80’s…

By David Farmer

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