Business Expansion & Concern

Business Expansion Recruitment for full time posts in the South of England has increased for the 10th month in a row say KPMG. This trend is expected to continue according to the Close Brothers Business Barometer, with 18% of businesses expecting to take on more full time staff during the next 12 months. If you
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Payday Lenders Exodus

Payday Lenders Exodus From UK Market Much has been made of the growth of payday lenders, the reported high costs they charge. But, has this public backlash been the impetus for a sudden decline in the numbers of payday lenders? The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) gave 50 payday lenders a short timescale to prove
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Business Strategy – Be Brave

Strategic thinking is something that can be a concept that bypasses the small business operator. Too often the biggest strategy a small business has is completing the job in hand and winning the next sale. Small businesses are in the unique position that they are flexible and adaptable enough to change at short notice, to
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