Understand Your Bank

The Bank Doesn’t Understand My Business Is this the most common line said about banks, especially in the last few years? Probably is if our straw poll is anything to go by. Why Don’t Banks Understand? The easy answer here is that the small business and the bank have very different views and a different
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The State of Franchising In The UK (franchise sector)

The State of Franchising in the UK A survey by the British Franchise Association (BFA) in conjunction with Natwest has shown some interesting statistics. The first thing to consider is that during 2011 UK GDP grew by only 0.7%, whereas the UK franchise sector increased it’s economic contribution by 8%. During this same period franchise turnover
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Westjet Christmas Marketing

Westjet Christmas Marketing It is that time of year when we send cards, pass gifts and say a few thank you’s. Westjet, a Canadian airline went one step further this year. The cynics among you may say it is all marketing. Well yes it is, but in this case it seems to be working a
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