Pokemon Go For Business

Pokemon Go, For Your Business

Using Pokemon Go In your Business Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t fully understand Pokemon Go. What I do understand is that there are players of all ages and demographics traversing their towns searching for Pokemon. In my mind this must generate an opportunity for businesses driven by footfall. Pokemon Go encourages players to
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Apprenticeship Scheme & Small Business

New Apprenticeship Scheme Reform of the Government backed apprenticeship scheme has been underway for some time, with clarification on what this will mean only recently being published. What the scheme does is offer some incentives to the small business to take on apprentices. The guidelines define an apprentice as; Aged 16 or over and combine working
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banks decline loans

Real Reasons Bank Decline Business Loans

Why Banks Decline Business Loans Banks declining loans to small business is nothing new. The real reasons why can be a little clouded, after all you have businesses saying they want to borrow and banks saying they want to lend. Somewhere in the middle is a large disconnect which businesses don’t understand and banks are
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