3 Things Business Degrees Cannot Teach You

Secret Business Lessons3 Things Business Degrees Cannot Teach You

With an average of 3 content areas made up of a total of 18 modules you would be surprised if anything was left out, but there are things that even the best business degree cannot teach you.

This is what university of Derby say about their course;

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to put to the test the theories and concepts you’ve learnt – to see how these work in real business situations. This means that you’ll be gaining a more practical, relevant qualification..

Now, I am not in dismissing or saying anything detrimental about business degrees, far from it. What I am saying is that no matter how good your degree, there are really key things that even the best business degree course cannot teach you.

1  – It’s About People

Once you get past everything else in any business, there is only one thing it all boils down to. People. Whether they are your client, supplier, employee, labour force or whatever else, it is only ever about people.

The more you understand what is important to individuals the more you will gain, either as a buyer, supplier or employee. Efficiency, profitability, margins, productivity, whatever it is once you get to the core of the issue it is only ever about people.

2 – Networks (of people)

The old adage of ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is absolutely true. You need to have a level of ability and knowledge but without a network of contacts you will fast come unstuck. What you can gain in terms of free advice, assistance, introductions and support cannot be purchased.

How to manage a network is even more critical, knowing that you need to give (and give a lot) back to your network and not demand anything in return can be an alien concept, but networks are about giving not receiving.

3 – Number 1 Again, People

A friend of mine who has sadly passed away once answered a question ‘have you ever failed at anything?’ with the answer of ‘nothing I have had two goes at’. Business is no different. You will make immense mistakes, if you think you haven’t then worry because you will have made a mistake but you just haven’t realised it yet…

In business it is OK to have two goes. Your supplier, client or employee will forgive you for getting things wrong. In most cases they will help you put it right, but get the same thing wrong twice and it may not be quite so easy. The better your relationship with the people who surround you the more freely they will help you.

1,2,3, It Is Still People

Put simply, it is all about people. Your networks and those who work with you, they are all people. If you only ever learn one thing after taking a business degree then remember it is about people.

By Dave Farmer

Dave Farmer is the founder of Lime Consultancy, an award winning business finance advisory based in Sussex. Any queries about this post please contact us by leaving your comments above or via the website.

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