5 Essential Apps For Small Business

Small Business AppsEssential Apps For Small Business

We all use smartphones these days, the thing is that most of us have our favourite app we use personally but not so many of us make use of the apps available for the small business.

You may or may not believe it but there are some really decent apps for the small business operator, forget Flappy Bird or Candy Crush let me give you a few apps which are genuinely useful.


This little app reads the business cards you collect whilst out networking. Rather than file the cards or store them in a box then try this little app. ABBYY lets you take a photo of the business card, the app then picks out the name, company, number, email etc. This information can then be sent into your CRM system or address book.

The pro version of the app comes at a small cost, but it does make it seriously easy to follow up on the contacts you make and stay in touch with the people you meet.

Google Hangouts

Think of this as an alternative to Skype. Google Hangouts enable you to talk to anyone else via video, text and voice at no cost. It is ideal for remote meetings, conference calls or for offering your clients yet another means of communicating with you.

The good thing is that most people already have a log-on to Google Hangouts through having a Gmail account, Android phone or Webmaster/Analytics account. Well worth a look at if you want a communication option.


If you haven’t come across this then where have you been?? Linkedin is an essential for anyone wanting to be taken seriously. Not only is it the main media network for professionals it is also the place your clients will go to to check you out. It is also a resource for commercial lenders who want verification of all the good things you have told them.

The mobile app keeps you in the loop on the move, a couple of updates or comments every now and then can really help boost your Linkedin profile.

Receipt Bank

This app allows you to photograph your receipts and get them sent to you as CSV files (or excel etc), these can then be added to your bookkeeping system. Receipt Bank also links directly into the more popular cloud based bookkeeping systems such as Xero. This means you reduce the time you spend inputting receipts and that you spend even less time searching around for that missing receipt.

The benefit of this app can be greater if your accounting system links in to it, do check out that it all works.


We have covered the business time saving, efficiency and professional tools, so now let’s download BarChick. This does have some genuine business benefits. If you want to take a client out, meet a contact or are in a different city then BarChick will let you know where to go for what you want.

BarChick gives you the best places to eat and drink based on what you are looking for. So, meeting done, work done and now time to go grab a cold beer somewhere nice…

By Dave Farmer

Lime Consultancy are an award winning business finance advisory based in Sussex. We like to offer sensible business finance advice, tips and guidance. We also like to offer a little bit extra with some pragmatic and informative articles. Please add your feedback above or contact us with any comments.

PS – We are 100% not on commission for the apps above! They are simply a few we like using!

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