Are Women Better At Crowdfunding?

Are Women Better At Crowdfunding? The age old debate and battle of the sexes has just entered the alternative finance market. The statistics actually make interesting reading so forget an ability to park a car, multi-task or driving and let’s see what happens when we look at crowdfunding. If you don’t know what crowdfunding is
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Crowdfunding The fastest growing commercial finance sector in the UK. Crowdfunding offers businesses the opportunity to raise finance in a way that many companies will not have considered before. What Is Crowdfunding? There are some great articles on the Lime Consultancy blog about Crowdfunding, including the benefits and a guide to how it works. Once
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Crowdfunding in Action!

Crowdfunding I spend a lot of time talking about crowdfunding and what it can help your business achieve. I talk about equity funding, debt or reward crowdfunding. So, to try and make things a little more tangible and easier to understand then here are a few ‘live’ pitches on leading equity crowdfunding site, Crowdcube. This proposal
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Crowdfunding Specialist Award!

Crowdfunding Specialist Award Stop the press!! Lime Consultancy have just been named Acquisition International Magazine ‘Crowdfunding Specialist Adviser of The Year’ in their M&A awards 2014. For anyone who is not aware, crowdfunding is the fastest growing business finance sector in the UK, now we are officially 2014’s Specialist Crowdfunding Advisers! Lime Consultancy owner Dave
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What Is Crowdfunding?

What Is Crowdfunding? With some analysts predicting business lending through crowdfunding in the UK could exceed £1bn by the end of 2015 then you really should be aware of what crowdfunding is. The Perfect Storm For Business Loans? They say that stress can be the best driver of innovation. As the recession took hold and
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