A New Testimonial – Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring is something which mentors think adds value, but too often the business in question cannot see the benefit.

Isn’t this always the way with something which is intangible?

To make things even more challenging, how about you take something intangible then add a delayed payback to it. All of a sudden business mentoring takes on the appearance of something mystical and non beneficial.

Business mentoring can work if done properly.

Take Andy Murray. Just because he won Wimbledon didn’t mean he no longer needed a coach. Without a coach he would never have won anything. So why is it accepted in some professions but not others?

Now, coaching and mentoring are different but the mentalities around it are the same.

Take this example, true story folks…

An accountant friend was playing golf. He was complaining about needing to get more structure into his company, they had plenty of enquiries but needed to streamline how they were handled. He was also working all the hours available, but for what gain?

On the golf course he stopped. He then explained how he had been struggling to hit the ball straight. He had developed a tendency to slice the ball to the right in recent weeks.

Now this is the gem – He then talked about doing what his golf coach had told him to do. He was just changing how he held the club and how he aimed his shot;

‘Small changes’ he said, ‘they make the difference you know’

‘So have you done anything about business mentoring then?’

‘No’ he replies, ‘I really don’t see the return on my money with it…’

Paying for golf tuition is acceptable to correct a small slice. So why not do the same for your business. Small changes make big differences.

That is what business mentoring is all about.

If you think it might not be for you then see this testimonial we received this week, I just hope it changes your mind…

“Working with Dave through the Start-Up loan process has provided me with that steady foundation that I was looking for. It is great to be working with a mentor who is at the top of his game and has the background to back it up. He has a wealth of experience that is noticeable from the outset and his influence and guidance is turning out to be gold dust.

I am happy to say that working with Dave from Lime Consultancy provides my business with a strong outlook for the future…”

Thanks for those words Ben, they really mean a lot.

If you have any questions about business mentoring, or what business mentoring could add to your business then please click the reply button above, or contact us on 01293 541333.

By David Farmer

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