30 November 2016

About Us – Our Story

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Let me tell you a story; it is why we do what we do…

“It all started one day in 2008. After nearly 20 years in commercial banking it dawned on me that I no longer enjoyed my job. The credit crunch was at it’s height. At the time I worked for a major high street bank running a portfolio of really good business clients. That morning the bank issued a directive that we were to cease all property lending and advise clients that for the time being we had stopped lending for property.

I had several clients who were waiting to complete on purchases, developers buying sites and businesses acquiring new premises. I had to break the news that the lending agreed had been pulled. If the client was left in a hole it was their hole, not ours.

To me my clients were never just names and numbers, they were people. I knew many of them well, and their families and I was an integral part of their everyday lives. They trusted me and that trust meant a lot to me; I had worked hard for it and overnight it disappeared due to a change of company policy.

I never blamed the bank for doing what they did; it was just what happened at the time across the industry. It was nothing personal. It really was an extraordinary time.

I realised that I no longer enjoyed my job. Everything I had loved  for so long about my job had gone. Many of my colleagues could adapt to the brave new world, but for me the new dictatorial approach was not going to work.

It was that day when I realised that the client had nobody who was genuinely on their side, nobody telling them what lenders were doing and nobody fighting their corner. There was a shift in commercial lending; new players were entering the market, new banks; the dawn of peer-to-peer lending; but nobody was explaining how it all worked and working solely to help the client.

Something new was needed, something different; plus, I never saw why finance required a pinstripe suit or needed to be such a grey subject.

My phone started ringing; with former clients asking for my help, and Lime Consultancy was born”

lime consultancy officeAbout Lime Consultancy

We are an FCA authorised commercial finance broker that set out to do things differently, to put the client first and to never wear a pinstripe suit ever again. The world has changed and the world of finance had to change with it.

Having failed to find a broker who was doing things how we thought they should be done we decided to lead the way.

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Our Story – Why We Exist


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