29 May 2012

About Us

Welcome To Lime Consultancy

Lime Consultancy is a leading business finance specialist, working with businesses to make access to finance and commercial funding easier and simpler than ever. With offices in Gatwick and London we primarily focus on clients in London and The South although can work just as well with companies nationwide.

We specialise in accessing finance where others have failed. Our 25+ years of experience, great relationship with lenders and a solid understanding of how lending works mean we can usually solve even the most difficult of commercial lending scenarios. We work with known mainstream lenders through to niche funders, private lenders and peer to peer houses.

We are always happy to talk, it doesn’t cost anything to ask us about your business lending requirements and we always provide honest, pragmatic guidance from the outset. If you are considering finance for your company then give us a call on 01293 541333 and get our view on things, it may just surprise you of the options you have.

We have won several awards for our work, regularly publish client testimonials and case studies.

The About Us 60 Second Video

The world of finance may be getting more automated but we are very much human, this 60 second video gives you an introduction to what we do.

Where We Are

In 2016 we opened an additional office in central London. With bases at Gatwick and London we are ideally placed to serve clients across London and The South.

With an ability to meet at our premises, at your business or via Hangout or Skype we are able to offer flexibility and adapt to your needs.


Based at the historic Beehive, our offices are 5 minutes from the M23 at junction 7 (Crawley) or 8 (Gatwick), there is plenty of parking and accessible public transport.


Based on Great Suffolk Street we are 5 minutes from The Tate Modern, a short walk from Blackfriars mainline station or Southwark tube. Based in the heart of London this puts us in a great location for London based clients.

Our History


Dave FarmerLime Consultancy was founded in 2012 by David Farmer who decided to launch the company to work with small businesses, help them achieve more and help them raise funding more easily.

With a commercial finance background at the major UK banks, David has vast experience working with both successful and under-performing businesses, analysing the reasons behind performance and identifying barriers to raising commercial finance.

Having seen many businesses fail to achieve borrowing it was apparent to David that many companies were unprepared when raising finance and many more were unaware of what commercial finance options existed.

After starting in 2012 Lime Consultancy have grown and built a reputation for delivering business finance solutions, since 2012 Lime Consultancy have been awarded;

  • ‘Boutique Financial Advisory Firm of the Year 2015’ From Wealth & Finance Magazine
  • ‘Best for SME Funding Solutions – South East 2015’ From AI sponsored by Dealflow Source
  • ‘Crowdfunding Specialist of the Year 2015’ By M&A Magazine
  • ‘Small Commercial Finance Specialist of the Year 2013’
  • ‘Crowdfunding Specialist Advisers UK 2014’
  • ‘Scoot Headline Business Award Winners 2014’
  • ‘Sussex Business Matters Awards, Small Business of the Year’, Finalists 2013 & 2014

It is the ethos of ‘Making Business Finance Simple’ that Lime Consultancy is built around.

The Benefits

Using unique skills, systems and processes, we are able to view your business from a lender’s perspective undertaking our own credit assessment and addressing any issues before the lender ever receives your proposal. This means that more of our proposals are approved and the whole process of borrowing is simpler than ever before.

If you want more reasons why you should be working with us;

  • Faith – As full members of the NACFB we are consistently updated on the latest industry developments and committed to continual professional development
  • Confidence – Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, we are fully authorised, vetted and approved by The FCA as being competent and capable of advising on commercial borrowing
  • Honest – We do not charge any upfront, application, assessment or any other fees. We only ever cost you when you get the lending offer you want. We do this because it means we are committed to working with you to the end and making sure things happen, it is also our way of demonstrating our confidence in what we do
  • Options – We are on the approved panels of the major lenders, work with specialist niche lenders, peer to peer lenders and many who are not available directly. Because of this we often get deals unavailable to you direct
  • Ease – We manage the whole process for you. That means liaising with your accountant, solicitor, agent, whoever is part of the overall chain. We do this so we can get things right first time and remove as much hassle from you as possible

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about raising finance, whether that be for a trading business, property, cash flow or anything else then please get in touch. It costs nothing to get in touch, we will spend as much time going through your options as you want, will put it in plain English and let you take it from there.

You can contact us direct on 01293 541333, email hello@limeconsultancy.net or use the form below;

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