3 May 2015

Accepting Card Payments

On the ipadAccepting Card Payments

In January 2015 £46.5bn was spent on cards in the UK. Of this £15.4bn was spent on-line.

Regardless of what type of business you run, the question is “Could accepting card payments benefit your business?”

There is a common misconception that accepting card payments is something only retailers need to offer, naturally it is easy to see why as we all use cards when making purchases. However, taking payment by card offers several benefits, take these examples;

  • Cashflow, when chasing an invoice you could ask for immediate payment or include a link to a payment screen when sending invoices by email or pdf
  • Quicker Payment, for tradesmen or those undertaking work at customer premises, why not take an immediate card payment? No more cheques, no more bounced payments
  • Up-Selling, for all businesses, retail or professional, you can remove barriers to up-sales by offering a flexible and immediate payment method

The Key Question

Have you ever wanted to pay by card but found the business concerned does not accept cards? It is one of the biggest barriers to sales. It is also one of the easiest to resolve.

Our Card Payments Solution

To meet this need we have partnered with Worldpay, one of the leading card payment providers. Our choice of partnering with Worldpay was driven by wanting our clients to have a quality system, support and a market leading solution.

For more information, to get a quote and obtain more details then follow the image below –

Accepting card payments - Worldpay


Common Questions

  • How do I take payments? There are a number of ways, you can either use a fixed terminal, a mobile terminal or take payments via a secure on-line portal. This means that you can cover every card payment request you are likely to get
  • What are the costs? This can vary but the Worldpay offering is very competitive. Factors that may impact on the cost are; Your Industry, Type of Payments, Volume, plus others. The easiest solution is to follow the Worldpay link, make an enquiry, then see if it fits

For any other questions then follow the Worldpay link or give us a call and we will assist.

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