19 August 2014

Accountants Zone

Working with accountantsAccountants Zone

Probably the most common trusted advisor of the SME business, the person the business owner turns to when they need to bounce an idea around.

Forget tax returns, annual returns, filing accounts etc. We all know accountants do that, but where we work well is with those accountants who are their client’s port of call when something happens.

Lime Consultancy do not do accounts, we do not do bookkeeping, we do not do tax. Do our clients need these services? Yes. However where we work really well with accountants is by offering 3 simple things;

  • Honest, unbiased and pragmatic advice on any business funding or commercial finance issue
  • Staying in touch with you about your client, they are after all ‘your’ client
  • Providing you with a point of resource. Happy to take that phone call or email about that funding issue, no problems, no cost, just adding a little value to your client

The Benefit To You

It is all about value. If you have a client with a funding need or requirement then all we want to do is add value. If we can help you offer something new to your client base then that has to benefit your client.

For more information about the resources and value we add to the accountancy firms we already work with then give us a call on 01293 541333 or contact Lime Consultancy here.

The Ideal Client

We are often asked by accountants what an ideal client looks like. The short answer is that there isn’t one, however the attached pdf outlines what would make a great client referral. The key phrases that our clients use are things like;

  • The bank have turned me down
  • I need to raise finance quickly
  • I can afford the loan, it is just that not all turnover goes through my books
  • My credit record causes me to get declined for business loans
  • I want to buy my business premises
  • I want to expand, how do I best finance this?

All of these are things we can work with and present commercial funding solutions for. Our ideal client download is here – Ideal Referral Lime, this gives you an idea of the things our clients say, phrases used etc.

Why Use Lime Consultancy?

If your client needs detailed VAT advice then you refer them to a specialist. If insolvency looms then you refer them to an Insolvency Practitioner. If your client is looking for funding then who do you refer them to?

If you want reasons to use Lime Consultancy over any other commercial finance broker then maybe these will help;

  • We handle the client how you want the client handled. That means dealing direct or working through you
  • Every client is logged on our CRM system, this means you can find out what is happening at any time
  • We are full members of The NACFB, professionally qualified and properly regulated
  • We work with commercial lenders across the UK, this means we will always go with the best choice of lender for your client, not the first lender to make contact

Dedicated Accountancy Resources

We want to offer resources that are beneficial and targeted for the needs of our accountancy contacts.

Industry Sector Guidance  – We have published a number of resources and data relating to specific industry sectors and the availability of funding in each. These guidance notes include links to relevant external sites, tips on business plans and where to find supporting information to back your business plan. Access Industry Sector Guidance Here

Calculators – Free and easy to use business loan calculators. These enable your client to quickly get a loan repayment figure so they can budget and measure affordability. One of the most common questions we get asked is about the cost of loan or commercial mortgage repayments, these calculators allow your client to play around with the figures and judge their own affordability. Access Calculators Here

Product Teasers – A free download of our most common commercial lending solutions, this is aimed at fellow professionals rather than being a client facing brochure. It works really well as a reminder of what is available so when a situation is raised by your client your memory is jogged and you can propose a solution. Download – Commercial Lending – Full Brochure

Enquiry & Details Forms – In response to client requests we have introduced fillable pdf forms to enable you or your client to summarise the key information required by commercial lenders. This makes things easier for both you and your client as the information is generic, can be provided to any lender and removes the pain of duplicating information from one lenders forms to another. We have one form for business info and on for director/partner info. Download – PERSONAL-PROFILE_FILLABLE (1) BUSINESS-FINANCE-PROFILE_FILLABLE (1)






Remember that we are open about everything we do. Check out our reviews on Google+, see what people say about us. We are always happy to talk so please contact us at the office on 01293 541333, or contact Dave Farmer direct on 07722 874789.