Alternative Business Finance To Reach £400m in 2014

alternative business financeAlternative business loans are fast becoming less of an alternative and forming a key supplier of good business finance.

Peer to Peer lending, or crowdfunding as it is sometimes know is fast establishing itself as a key route to finance for small and medium sized businesses.

In 2013 one supplier lent £120m to UK business. Now, £120m can sound a lot when looked at  in relation to your business facilities, or it can look paltry when compared to the figures being lent by the big high street banks.

But, bear this in mind…

The high street banks may be lending more, but what is their net growth in lending? Statistics show that actually the main banks net lending is actually static if not reducing (read the report here).

So, any lender who is increasing their lending book by £120m is actually bucking the trend, which means that alternative business finance is here to stay.

Where Is It?

As with anything new or different there is always a nervousness and sense of anticipation, so how about we guide you through everything and show you what you need to access this finance.

If we then said that you could access up to £150k unsecured (no property or asset needed as security), complete the whole thing in under 10 days, getting a credit backed approval within 48 hours and at 7% interest then you may scoff.

But don’t, this is the kind of service and product small business has been crying out for.

Alternative Business Finance

Our view is simple, stop viewing alternative business finance as an alternative and start using it as your first point of call.

We don’t charge for talking you through your options, we don’t charge for taking you through the whole process, so it really couldn’t be any easier.

If you are a business considering raising any type of finance then we may just have the service and facility you have been looking for.

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Alternative business finance by Dave Farmer.

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