Alternative SME Finance

Alternative SME FinanceAlternative SME Finance

So, you are an SME director/owner and are looking for finance. History says you go to your bank, tell them your story and ask for money.

Confident of getting your finance?

Probably not. So where do you go next. In the UK there are over 4m SMEs making up 99% of the UK business community. Big numbers.

Alternative SME finance has grown massively over the last few years. The ‘alternative’ is gradually starting to be the norm, so are you missing out?

Have a look at this infographic produced by Platform Black. The stats within it are quite enlightening.

Once you have had a look, then have a think about what it could mean for you. If you have any questions about anything within it then get in touch via our website here, of add your comments under the reply button above.

By Lime Consultancy


The Growth of Alternative and Complementary Finance – An infographic by the team at Platform Black – Invoice Trading

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  • With big banks being forced to carry higher capital reserves to back up their loaning, fewer loans and overdrafts are being offered to SME’s. This can make it very tough for small businesses to contend with better-established and more financially stable corporation.

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