8 January 2015

Announcement – Similar Company Name Issues


Announcement – Similar Company Name Issues

Lime Consultancy is an award winning business finance advisory, we are proud of the work we do and proud of the testimonials our clients have given to us.

Over the last few weeks we have received calls where people have been seeking a similarly named company called ‘Lime Loans’. This company is nothing to do with ourselves. If you are looking for Lime Loans then please look them up and ensure you have the right company. We will not provide a link as we wish to have no connection.

All the calls we have received from people seeking Lime Loans have been unhappy customers. Lime Consultancy (Us) are not a consumer lender, we do not lend our own money (see FCA declaration –FCACreditBrokingDeclaration), we specialise in business finance and commercial lending, we do not lend or advise on consumer borrowing.

Action Being Taken

We sympathise with any unhappy customer of any finance sector business. Since we started we have sought to break ground in what we do, our results speak for themselves and it is important to us to protect our good name and the reputation we have built up.

At this time we are speaking with key advisers over what can be achieved. We are in the process of speaking with our legal advisers, trademark attorneys and the FCA.

If you want to speak with us direct then please do so on 01293 541333 or use our normal contact page.


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