3 June 2021

Applying For Recovery Loan Scheme

recovery loan scheme applicationsApplying For Recovery Loan Scheme

We now have lenders open and accepting applications for the Government backed Recovery Loan Scheme.

There are two major options we have with the Recovery Loan Scheme;

  1. Unsecured business loans – Business loans up to £500k for up to 6 years
  2. Commercial Mortgages – Owner Occupier and Investment Mortgages from £100k to £5m

Both these loan options have some real benefits, including;

  • A better structure for the lender should see better commercial mortgage rates
  • The Government guarantee given to lenders should see more flexibility on loan approvals
  • Affordability based on pre or post Covid financials, every business is different

We have tried to make applications as simple as possible.

For commercial mortgages then please email us at hello@limeconsultancy.net or add your details here and we will chat you through things. It is just the simplest way and saves you the most time.

For normal business loans please use the form below. We will need;

  • The basic details of the directors (template here)
  • The last two sets of full filed accounts
  • The last seven full months of business bank statements

All of this can be securely uploaded within the form, it takes under 60 seconds. On receipt we will call you and check we have things right, after that it is 48-72 hours to turnaround. Pretty quick.