Bartercard Goes Live For Commercial Finance

Bartercard for Business FinanceWe are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from our peers and Bartercard offers yet another way of doing just that.

Bartercard is an international system which allows businesses to trade with each other, however rather than use cash they use Bartercard, therefore alleviating cash pressure. The system is about bringing different businesses together and allowing them to trade product and services rather than raise cash invoices.

We decided to give to offer this as many of our clients were seeking cash injections, or looking to solve cash flow. For us we could invoice on Bartercard and use that income to cover print, IT, telecoms and other consumable costs.

So What?

In our opinion there may be benefits to other businesses in looking at this system, it will suit some rather than others, however it remains well worth a look.

If you do use Bartercard, then using Lime Commercial Finance to help grow your business may have got even better value.

Visit the Bartercard site for more information, or contact us here.

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