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Business Mortgage – Using CBILS

Buying property using CBILS – Business Mortgage There is much coverage of the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan (CBILS), the problem is most of it is focused on the delays and issues with the scheme, rather than how it can be practically used for and how companies can benefit by using it. There are two areas
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mortgage payment holiday

The Impact of a Payment Holiday

The Impact of Taking a Payment Holiday This is an excerpt from The Money Advice Service about mortgage holidays; You can apply for a mortgage payment holiday of up to three months, where you take a temporary break from paying your mortgage All well and good. But, there is an impact, the unintended consequence as
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farming agricultural lending

Financing Agriculture & Farming

Financing Agriculture & Farming Financing the agricultural sector is difficult and many traditional sources of finance have disappeared. Farmers now need to find new sources of capital to sustain, grow and improve their businesses at a time when many farmers are looking to diversify or seek alternative sources of income. The pressure on the agriculture
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furlough advance against HMRC rebate

Furlough Payments – Funding The Delay

Furlough Payments – Funding The Delay The HMRC portal for furlough payments opened this week and saw 140,000 applications inside the first 24 hours. With the delay between the launching of the furlough initiative and the application portal opening at HMRC many companies will already have paid two months salaries with no tangible income. We
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equitable charge vs legal charge

Legal Charge vs Equitable Charge

Legal Charge vs Equitable Charge What’s the difference? Over the last few years, we have seen a resurgence of equitable charges over property with lenders happy to advance based on an equitable charge rather than a legal charge. For the borrower, this normally generates the question of ‘what’s the difference?’. The Legal Charge A legal
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