New Scheme For Builders & Home Improvement Firms

We today announce the launch of our new scheme to help the building and home improvement industry in Sussex, Surrey & Kent.

The Background

Last month we were approached by a building company, not to raise finance for them, but to look at their business as they were undertaking plenty of quotes which were all very competitive, but they were not converting as many as they would expect.

This company had two sales people operating in the field and a team of builders and tradesmen undertaking the work.

We undertook a lot of research work and spent the time to look at the reasons why, filtering owner expectations and salesman resistance, then providing some real actionable points.

What Happened

The main barrier to customers agreeing to the work was cost, or ability to spread the cost. The company would lose out to the national companies who could offer finance, or finance plans.

The Answer

We provided this client with a package and process to enable them to offer finance to their customers. The answer here was driven by the need for credit licenses, and a want to avoid unnecessary staff training.

We have provided this client with a separate phone number, connected to Lime Consultancy, where we will pick up the contact and arrange the finance using our panel of experienced and professional lenders. We control the whole process from start to finish, log each case and can track where we are.

In effect we have offered our client an outsourced finance team, at NO cost.

What Next

The response to this scheme has been fantastic. We are seeing confident salesmen (salespersons) offer a solution to their client, and we are providing the solution.

Such has been the response that we are now rolling this scheme out across our region, and are keen to speak to any building companies, glazing or conservatory firms or similar companies that would benefit from converting more sales and winning more business.


If you want to know more, have any comments, or want to ask any questions then please use the comments box or contact us via the website.

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