Small Business Finance Enquiry Form

Logo - Small business financeWe pride ourselves on making small business finance easier and simpler for the business owner.

We commonly see lenders asking too many questions or asking for a shopping list of information to simply start looking at a deal.

Our feedback shows that when small businesses look to raising finance (small business finance) that the following are big turn-offs;

  • Asking for loads of detail when I only want to make an enquiry
  • Treating a question about small business finance as an application, I was only asking about it
  • Quoting me costs when what I wanted was advice
  • Telling me about the difficulties I may have in raising my small business finance when I could really benefit from some help
  • Telling me what I need to do, rather than help me actually do it

So What Can Lime Consultancy Do?

Ever wanting to listen and learn, we decided to develop a very basic fact-find form. Which, if completed (in all of 2 minutes) and faxed or emailed to us, then we will contact the business within 24 hours.

When we contact the business we will then go into more detail about what you want to achieve. Let us suggest the best way of raising the finance, it is what we are good at after all.

Small Business Finance Form

Click the link below to download our new enquiry form. Please save, use, send or share as necessary.

Finance Fact Find June

We think that by offering a 24 hour callback and asking only basic details that we are making things as easy as possible.

Why Ask For Anything?

We think that by having some basic information that we can offer more benefit at the first contact, rather than starting from scratch.

If you have any comments about the form then please add them above, or contact us via the website and we will get straight back to you.



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