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Most businesses take some sort of advice when looking at raising business finance. Often this advice comes from a number of sources, but each comes with a few challenges.

The thing about banks is that they tell you what they do. That may or may not help you in getting the business finance you need. The reason for this is that they see things from their perspective, nothing wrong in that, but it doesn’t always help the business owner seeking funding.

Accountants are great. Knowledgeable, trusted and often well connected. They can offer some great advice on reducing tax liabilities, financial planning and some decent business advice. When it comes to business finance we often find that accountants are not fully aware of the options for funding. Fair enough, they are very good at what they do and nobody likes a ‘know it all’.

The third most common source of business finance advice is the bloke in the pub. You know the one, he knows someone who ‘said this’ or read something ‘on-line’. The frightening thing is just how much influence the ‘bloke in the pub’ has. Don’t get me started on this one…

You also have a plethora of resources from Chambers of Commerce, Networking, Financial Advisors etc.

The Missing Link (With Business Finance)

What is missing is a body which offers information, resources and guidance about business finance alone. That means no sales, no tax advice, no accountancy advice, no banking sales pitch.

What Lime Consultancy offer is a chance to talk about business finance, funding options and what the market has. Lime Consultancy are professionally qualified and abreast of the latest developments in business finance.

The aim is to fill the missing link.

Business Finance Google HangoutGoogle Hangouts – Commercial Funding & Business Financing

The idea here is that periodically Lime Consultancy will be running a ‘Google Hangout‘, each themed to answer particular business finance or funding questions.

The Hangouts are public, so we won’t talk personal information. What we do is talk about the broad picture and provide you with some targeted and relevant information. It is a two way conversation, so it offers you a chance to ask whatever questions you want.

If the conversation needs to go further then we can do this afterwards.

The benefit to using Google Hangouts is that it is done from where you are, it is free over the internet and means you can drop in and out as you want. Maximum benefit, minimum hassle, just the way we always like it.

Look out for our Hangout dates and subjects. If you want us to drop you an email about upcoming events then contact us here and provide your name and email address.

Please provide feedback on this initiative and post, either add comments above using the ‘reply’ button or contact using the website here.

By Dave Farmer

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