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This initiative is and EU backed scheme aimed at increasing innovation by providing unprecedented levels of funding to take ideas into the lab, then to the market.

The scheme will run from January 2014 through to December 2020, in this seven year period there is a budget of E80bn.

So do you want a slice of it?

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If your business is based in these areas then get in touch with us now. We can provide some outline details to you and work with you to get you engaged with the Horizon 2020 scheme.

What Is Eligible Under Horizon 2020?

There are very few parameters. That said, as things progress there is a trend that parameters start to generate. This is a generalisation, but given the broad range of projects and sectors the Horizon 2020 scheme covers then there will be concentration or performance issues as we progress further towards 2020.

What this means is it is better to be an early adopter rather than a market follower.

What To Do Now For Innovation Funding

The first port of call needs to be research on the applicants behalf. This means trying to understand the Horizon 2020 scheme, then being in the right place to apply as early as possible.

The EU site gives some good outline information and links through to some other good resources. For businesses in the UK, Imperial College London have some good information and resources. Again, it is about clicking through and gaining a broad knowledge.

Remember that the scheme is still early stages so do expect some changes. As and when we get notified of things we will let you know, if you want to go onto this list then please drop us a line here.

Venture Capital & Investment Finance

Part of the Horizon 2020 initiative is to encourage venture capital and investment finance. It stands to reason that if Horizon 2020 funding is secured then venture capital funding will become much easier. This is one of the many key aims of the Horizon 2020 scheme.

If you are thinking about venture capital or investment for the purposes of innovation, research or development then taking a closer look at the Horizon 2020 scheme could be a good way forward.

More Information, Business Finance / Horizon 2020

For more information on the Horizon 2020 scheme then click through to Imperial College London and/ or the EU site.

For any general queries about the scheme then give us a call on 01293 541333 and we will do what we can.

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