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business growth modelWe use plenty of business growth models, all of which offer different positive and negative elements.

The RECoIL model is one of the easiest to understand. It works on splitting your business into different areas then looking at factors within each.

This is about ensuring you have the correct skills in place to achieve business growth. There is no way a small business can meet each of these factors fully, in which case the following questions should arise –

  1. Who can I bring in to help me
  2. Can I outsource this
  3. Do I need coaching/ training to achieve this
  4. Is my management style right for growth

In many cases the solution could be a simple system or process based answer, in other cases it may be more complex.

The idea of the model is not to reinvent the wheel or inspire you, it is about getting you thinking about what is needed to successfully achieve business growth. Business growth is very different from risk which is looked at using other models.

RECoIL, Capabilities

Think of the 5 main categories as capabilities. So, as a business operator you need to have at least some skills in each section.

What will never happen is that you will be completely competent in all areas, it simply doesn’t work like that.

You may be a strong visionary leader, in which case you are unlikely to be drawn into the minutae of systems and processes. Think of Richard Branson, does he know how his booking systems and fuel calculations operate? No, he provides the vision for where Virgin goes. The implementation comes from somewhere else. It is about allocation of skills.

For business growth to happen you need to be open to looking at your areas of lower strength. RECoIL is about bringing those areas out and making you think about how to address them.

Difficulty Filling In The Boxes

If you go through this exercise and find you cannot think of anything to go in that box, then hey-ho, it is a success! By not being able to think, or not getting what the box is asking for then you need to address things.

In this case the model has worked and encouraged you to think about what you are doing. Had you not done this then you would hit problems later on.

Don’t think that being able to come up with ideas in each area is a good result, you are probably kidding yourself.

Give Me Some Examples

If you are still unsure about what to put where, then take this as an example –

Leadership – Professionalism

  • What do my staff think of me 
  • What does Linkedin say
  • What example do I set to others
  • Connections
  • Contacts
  • Qualifications

All these areas could be considered here. There is no right or wrong things to put in, just think broadly about it, let the mind wander…

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By David Farmer

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