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Buying a Holiday Let – Myths & Misconceptions

Financing a Holiday Let I hear so many stories that financing a holiday let is difficult, problematic and much more expensive than a standard buy to let mortgage. Myths and misconceptions. Bain of my life as many potential investors back away from buying a property as a holiday let (or short term let) because they
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Tips For Holiday Lets – Easier Mortgages

Tips For Holiday Lets – Easier Mortgages With the increasing popularity of holiday lets as an investment property rather than the traditional buy to let, it is worth looking at the common mistakes and areas that investors often fail to cover off, usually thinking the lender isn’t interested when actually, they are. When raising a
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What is Deferred Consideration?

What is Deferred Consideration? The concept of deferred consideration is quite straightforward in that a fixed sale price has been agreed between buyer and seller with part of the price is not being paid at completion, it is instead deferred until a later date. The consideration given for the purchase has been deferred. It may
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Common Misconceptions About Property Finance

What I Wish I Had Known I always hated those introductions you make to a new group, perhaps at a networking do or on a course. One of the worst was ‘what do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 18?’. I won’t answer that as I once gave a wrongly
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Misconceptions About Business Finance

Not A Lot Of People Know That The best way to demystify a few misconceptions about business lending is to start by quoting Michael Caine. Whilst I can’t promise this will blow your blo*dy doors off, it may make you think a little differently. I Never Used To Use Amazon Roll the clock back 10
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More Lost in Translation

Lenders Don’t Understand My Business I have written previously about why borrowers and lenders see things very differently, it is a glass half full or glass half empty scenario. What makes things worse is that the narrative and language used by a borrower and a lender is often the same, but the meaning or intention
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Solving & Repairing Credit

Solving & Repairing Credit Credit scores? I argued for a long time that credit scores don’t actually exist. All lenders take a view on what is and isn’t acceptable to them. The more interesting part is the detail that makes up the credit rating. That still stands. However, more and more suppliers, as well as
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Commercial Mortgage – Is Competition Back?

Commercial Mortgages – Is Competition Back? For the last few years the cost of commercial mortgage borrowing has steadied but has remained fairly static across the market. We have seen no real breakaway in competition or divergence in interest rates. There are a few signs that is changing. Since the outbreak of Covid we have
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