Why a Good Business Investment Pitch is Like a DVD

UntitledThe Aim of a Business Investment Pitch

9 times out of 10, a business investment pitch is about securing funding, cash, growth , R&D or expansion finance. These pitches are normally being received by someone who does not know your business, or has never met you.

So what makes a good business investment pitch?

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

You never know what you’re going to get. Forest Gump, but also a pretty decent quote used by business angel investors.

The challenge to you is to make your investment pitch the one that tastes good. You can read all sorts of detail about what to include, what to leave out etc. However, it is often best to compare your business investment pitch to a DVD.

Here’s why;

Forget your business for a second. Walk into HMV and pick up a DVD. Question, what makes you decide if you want to buy it?

Leave out that you may have seen the film before. Instead think about what you are doing at the time you are making the buying decision, it will be something like this;

  • Holding the DVD case
  • Reading the back cover

Nothing too scientific about that, after all you want to know what the DVD is about.

UntitledHere is where the business investment pitch and the DVD start to cross over. Ask yourself what factors you are considering in your mind when deciding whether to buy the DVD or not. It will be something like this;

  • The two line synopsis
  • The cast
  • Any awards or press write up
  • The brief plot
  • Pictures from the film

The thing you are less likely to consider is the price, given most are fairly similarly priced.

The DVD Crossover

Take the above list of points then compare them to your investment pitch. The factors are all the same, but do remember that the synopsis is what your business is about, the plot is what you are going to do.

The other key point is to remember how brief things are on the back of the DVD, keep it brief in your pitch document also. The average attention span of an adult (before becoming distracted) is around 10 seconds, once interest is obtained then that increases to around 3 minutes. Another film comparison, but with any film trailer voice-over man talks for 10 seconds, and the trailer is under 3 minutes. Get it?

Your Business Investment Pitch

The best advice you can get when putting an investment pitch together is to look outside of your industry to see who does these things well, think elevator pitch and where that came from, DVDs and films work really well.

If you want any more information about a good business investment pitch then get in touch, or contact Lime Consultancy direct. As always, please add your comments using the reply button above.

By Dave Farmer

One thought on “Why a Good Business Investment Pitch is Like a DVD”

  • Great post. It really broke the business pitch down to something everyone can relate to. Keeping it short and to the point is vital in a world driven at Internet speed. As equity crowdfunding becomes more mainstream post like this will become more important. There is a global startup ecosystem developing, and it is being driven by social media and crowdfunding both of which require you to be very concise because the options for an investors attention are limitless, so remember the DVD purchase and startup!!

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