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business planBusiness plans, we talk about them a lot. Which, got us thinking. We really should offer something for our clients to use themselves.

So, after a lot of searching, seeing what is good and bad. Then taking out anything we thought would make life difficult we came up with a business plan template.

It is not perfect, it is not the finite resource. It is however a decent guide to get you started.

Financials vs Non-Financials

The great argument over business plans is whether the figures are more important than the narrative.

Our opinion (and this is just our opinion) is that understanding the business and getting a grip of what is happening is more important than figures.

There is an old saying that ‘weighing a pig won’t make it fat’, in other words measuring figures, monitoring figures and concentrating on them will not improve your business.

Understanding what is going on, what to change and what generates sales and costs will make a difference. With this in mind our business plan template is based around the ‘non-financials’.

Within the template we have added links to various resources, so please use them and make the most of it.

Why A Business Plan Can Help

The prime reason most businesses look to write a business plan is that they want to borrow money. We call this a sales pitch, it is not a plan.

A business plan is a moment in time thing. It will change as your business grows, the elements within the business plan will change. With this in mind a good business plan should always exist.

Top Business Plan Tips

Bear in mind we are advocating having a business plan in place. So, our top tips for a business plan are –

  1. Have a business plan
  2. Know where it is
  3. Look at it at least quarterly
  4. If you don’t need to change it once you have looked at, then look at it again. It will be out of date
  5. Look at the weaknesses within the plan, have these been addressed?
  6. Look at what you wanted to achieve. Has it happened, was it relevant?

It is all about having some sort of direction.

We have produced different posts on business plans, so use everything we make available, pick the best for you and go for it.

Download the business plan template here –

If you have any questions about business plans then give Lime Consultancy a bell. Alternatively click ‘reply’ above and leave your comments, we will always get back to you.

By David Farmer

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