16 September 2014

Business Plans

Business PlansBusiness Plans

A business plan should be a blueprint for your business. There are several forms a business plan can take, we think that business plans fall into two categories;

  • The one you use as a tool within your business. Your blueprint and roadmap for success
  • The one you provide to a lender

If you want our view on the business plan you use within your own business then have a look at any of these;

If you are preparing a plan to submit to a lender for funding or raising finance then you need to do things a little differently.

The Professional Business Plan

When looking to borrow for your business then the business plan you submit needs to cover far more bases, and go into far more detail than your basic roadmap plan. In essence a lender will want to know;

  • Who you are
  • What you have done
  • What you are going to do & why
  • Your target market
  • Competition
  • Risks
  • Marketing
  • Product & Service
  • Legal & Political implications

The list goes on, suffice to say it can get quite long.

The one thing missing from this list is financials. You will need to produce a P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet. It is just as important to show where you are getting these figures from as it is to present them properly. It is also key you understand the figures and why they are all different.

When writing a business plan we encourage you to think like the person who is reading the plan. Don’t present the complete works of War & Peace and hide the best bits somewhere in the middle. Make page one a summary and show off the best bits about your business. An easy way to think about this is to look at how DVDs are sold, check out this post as there are real similarities in how to present information.

Our Business Plans

We produce professional, high quality business plans written with an application for finance in mind. Our business plans are the result of a Q&A session with you, a series of testing questions and our own research. This produces a pdf plan which is submitted to you for revision prior to approval and full copyright becoming yours.

But there is one key thing that make us different…

Why Use Lime Consultancy

We will not just give you the business plan. A business plan on it’s own does not actually do anything to help. What we do is;

  • Take you through the business plan and explain what it all means
  • Ensure you understand what is in the plan
  • Ensure you can explain the financial statements to a prospective lender and that you understand the financials yourself

It may seem a small thing, but this is the key to obtaining a successful business finance application. After all, it will be you who sits with the lender to present and justify your case, so you need to know what the business plan all means.

If you want to discuss a business plan then please get in touch on 01293 541333 or via the website. Every case is different, but we can produce high quality business plans starting at £345 depending on the complexity and requirements of your business.

A sample business plan is available below. This is based on a dummy business but gives you a flavour of what we do.

Dummy/Sample Business Plan PDF

Business Plan Testimonial

If you want to see what our clients say about our business plans then see our latest review below, for any queries or more information then please get in touch.

Business Plan Testimonial




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