24 January 2015

Business Sector Guidance

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Every business sector is different, every sector has it’s own peculiarities, facts, customs and niches. We do not propose to know about every business sector, far from it.

The purpose of our Business Sector Guidance is to provide companies with resources to enable them to more easily obtain finance.

The ‘So What’ Factor

When looking to raise finance you are after a lender believing in what you are doing, agreeing with your forecasts and accepting you are the expert you say you are. The ‘So What’ Factor is a question we ask of our clients when they promote a fact about their business or plans, it works something like this;

‘The sector is growing fast, it is now worth double what it was two years ago and we will benefit from this’

The answer is ‘So What?’. For every claim you make about your business when seeking finance, ask your self the ‘So What’ question and see if you can support what you are saying.

Our business sector guidance notes are about giving some outline details on different industry sectors to enable you to support what you are saying and cover off the ‘So What’ questions. These guidance notes will also help in reinforcing your business plan, financial forecasts and support your knowledge of your sector.

This area of our website is constantly updated so please bookmark and check back again in the future.

Business Sectors

We will be updating this part of our site on a regular basis. As more research is published and newer articles and resources become available then we will seek to publish and provide this to you. If there is anything you are looking for that isn’t here then let us know and we can prioritise future updates, follow this link to contact us.

Care Home / Nursing Home

Follow the image link below for resources and independent research into the UK care and nursing home sectors, this page also includes updated lender appetite for this sector, our latest feedback from lenders about performance in the sector and client commentary.

Care Home Image











Food Sector / Takeaway / Restaurant

Information on the size, growth and profitability of the food sector in the UK. F0llow the page link for details on business lenders active in this sector, likely funding levels and independent research articles.

Restaurant, glasses and plates on table











More Information For Businesses Seeking Finance

We constantly publish new sector specific guidance, commercial finance options and share our experiences. Please check out our latest blog articles, details on the various finance options open to companies and our very latest news.


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