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Growth Funding – It’s not about the gap in the market

Why Growth Funding Fails It’s not about the gap in the market, it’s about the market in the gap. Not a new line, but still one that is often forgotten or misunderstood. It is something I often see when a business is trying to justify it’s growth plans and projections. It is also something that
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Mortgage payments as percentage of income

Family Mortgages & Gifted Deposits

Family Mortgages & Gifted Deposits House prices in the UK have risen sharply over the last 20 years, no great surprise there. Wages have grown less sharply. In the same 20 year period mortgage payments have risen from 20% of take-home pay to 35% of take-home pay. In London, this reaches 64%. These two graphs
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Seasonality & Financing Seasonal Trends

Seasonality & Financing Seasonal Trends The fact is that almost every business is seasonal in some way, there are largely predictable periods of high and low, busy and quiet. The strange part is there is very little research around the impact of seasonality, there is even less around how businesses should be contingency planning and
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Why Businesses With Cash Borrow

Why businesses with cash borrow A few weeks ago I was in a room of financial advisers talking about commercial borrowing. A difficult audience as, the too often heard statement, of ‘my clients have cash’ reared its head as a reason why businesses don’t need to borrow. The fact remains that businesses with cash and
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Closed Sign

Magellan Homeloans Closing – What It Means For Buy to Let

Magellan Homeloans The announcement by Magellan Homeloans that they are closed to new business generates some interesting questions about the future of buy to let lending, it also begs the questions of what comes next and whether this is the start of a new trend. Matt Gilmour, CEO of Magellan Homeloans said; “The competitive landscape
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Open Banking Explained

What is Open Banking?

What is Open Banking? In 2016 The Competition & Markets Authority undertook a review into the UK banking sector and looked at the barriers facing new entrants. For a long time, the major traditional players were able to put up high barriers to new entrants and it was felt this stifled innovation and choice for
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