Commercial Property Cash Back (aka loans, mortgages, tax back)


Can You Review My Commercial Mortgage?

We often work with commercial mortgage clients who have already purchased a property but are now looking to change the property, review their lending, expand, or simply want to know exactly what they have.

We don’t believe in taking things at face value, in fact to properly understand anything you have to dig deeper and look wider.

Which is where we believe in Tax Free Shopping.

Tax Free?

Surprising as it may be, we often find that many commercial mortgage clients do not find a better lending deal, in fact if you borrowed a few years ago you probably have a decent interest rate.

However, we usually find some benefit for our clients, after all it is what they pay us for.

Recently we have recovered £10,083 for one client, and £19,466 for another!!


Well, lets avoid the complicated bit and stick to what matters. By knowing that little bit more than our competitors we can often find allowances not claimed, not used, or more often simply not known about.

Using our extensive knowledge and contacts we can then claim back these allowances, giving our customers a huge smile, not forgetting paying for that family holiday, new car or expanding the business.

If you want to know more, if you have purchased commercial property and want us to take a look, completely free of course, then fill out the comments below, contact us via the website at or pick up the phone to 0844 682 1462.


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