Common Mistakes of First Time Developers

Common Mistakes Made by First-Time Property DevelopersCommon Mistakes Made by First-Time Property Developers

We love helping first time developers finance their first project.

To help, here are a few tips for first-time developers to help them avoid common mistakes others make during their property development project.

Building a House Without a Solid Foundation

Developing a property without conducting thorough research and planning is akin to building a house without a solid foundation. Just as a strong foundation provides stability and support for a structure, proper research and planning lay the groundwork for a successful development project.

Ignoring this step can lead to financial instability, project delays, and inadequate market response once the development is complete. Like an architect who meticulously designs a sturdy foundation, first-time developers should gather information, analyse the market, and create a well-defined plan taking from day one through to eventual sale or refinance.

Planting Seeds without Tending to the Soil

Novice property developers often overlook the importance of nurturing their investment. Similar to planting seeds in infertile soil, neglecting to care for the property can hinder growth and yield poor results.

Regular maintenance, property upgrades, and a focus on the target market’s needs are vital for success. Just as a gardener cultivates the soil, first-time developers should proactively invest in property maintenance, engage with the community, and adapt their strategy based on market trends to ensure the development is as profitable and on time as possible.

Trying to Swim Against the Current

In the world of property development, trying to swim against the current can be detrimental. Ignoring local market dynamics, demand patterns, and competition is akin to swimming against a strong tide.

First-time developers should learn to ride the market waves by understanding buyer preferences, market trends, cash flows and demographic shifts. By aligning their projects with market demand and embracing the prevailing trends, developers can position themselves for success, just as a surfer rides the wave instead of fighting against it.

Building Bridges with Open Communication

Effective communication and collaboration are vital in property development, much like building bridges. Constructing a bridge without proper communication between engineers, architects, and construction teams can result in structural flaws and delays.

Similarly, first-time developers must prioritise clear and open communication with all stakeholders involved in the project. Regular updates, addressing concerns promptly, and fostering a collaborative environment will ensure a smooth development process and a successful outcome, just as a well-constructed bridge connects two points seamlessly.


Simple analogies I know, but they reflect the common mistakes made by first-time property developers. The better the project runs, the lower the finance cost and the easier it is for us to get the developer a better deal on their next project. Let’s talk.

By Dave Farmer


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