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I spend a lot of time talking about crowdfunding and what it can help your business achieve. I talk about equity funding, debt or reward crowdfunding. So, to try and make things a little more tangible and easier to understand then here are a few ‘live’ pitches on leading equity crowdfunding site, Crowdcube.

Renovagen Crowdcube Proposal

This proposal from Renovagen surrounds a new type of solar panel that can be easily transported. It’s uses range from disaster zones, to military and any other need for portable power that is far more efficient and powerful than existing solar systems.

The proposal is overfunded, which means that investors are now competing to be part of the business. It is similar to when Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Duncan Banatyne all want to invest in Dragons Den.

I-Workout Crowdcube Proposal

This one is a little different. I-Workout are offering a system to allow booking of fitness classes at top gyms and fitness studios. They bring choice, payment and booking into one place. A completely different proposal to Renovagen, but it goes to show the diversity of business that is seeking investment through crowdfunding.

More Crowdfunding Info

If you want more detail on either of the above, or want to see other businesses that are seeking investment then log on to Crowdcube and take a look around.

The Legal Bit

Let’s clear this up. I am not, and nor is Lime Consultancy saying you should invest in anything. The FCA have clear guidelines and Crowdcube will take you through this before you can do anything. The idea of this post is to show the diversity of businesses that use crowdfunding to seek investment and to highlight it as an option for other UK companies. Phew…


If you want more info then please get in touch by calling 01293 541333 or add your comments to the box above, you will always get a response. Failing that, drop an email via the Lime Consultancy website.

By Dave Farmer

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