Crowdfunding Options Explained

Crowdfunding Options Explained

We talk a lot about the benefits of crowdfunding, how this lending model can offer solutions to businesses who have struggled with the banks over the last few years.

One of the most common questions we get asked is about ‘equity’ and ‘investment’. In other words the belief that crowdfunding is an on-line version of Dragons Den.

This is the misconception.

Crowdfunding Options

There are different models for raising finance. The most popular is simple, straightforward, debt finance, A loan repaid by the business. No shares, no investment, no heavy legal costs or on-line viral campaigns required.

Of all the crowdfunding we do, this is easily 90% of the volume.

There are other options, to explain this easier we found this video. It is not our production and is based on American information, but the options are equally valid.

Have a look, then for any queries give us a bell on 01293 541333 or contact via the website.

Crowdfunding Video


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