17 August 2014



The fastest growing commercial finance sector in the UK. Crowdfunding offers businesses the opportunity to raise finance in a way that many companies will not have considered before.

What Is Crowdfunding?

There are some great articles on the Lime Consultancy blog about Crowdfunding, including the benefits and a guide to how it works. Once you get your head around how Crowdfunding works then you can see why it is popular and how it has grown.

In essence, instead of having a single lender lending you money (i.e. a bank) then with crowdfunding you have a ‘crowd’ of people who combine to offer you the same capital. Because there is a wide spread of lenders then each person is risking far less and as such are more willing to lend.

Check out the video at the end of the post for more details, you can also see a recent crowdfunding case study.

Why Use Crowdfunding?

We like it because it is quick, we have a proven track record and our clients seem to love how it works. You can use crowdfunding for all the following;

It really is a wide and varied option that works for the vast majority of businesses. Lime Consultancy are an award winning crowdfunding specialist so any questions then please contact us via the website, on 01293 541333 or by using this simple enquiry form.

The Secret Benefits of Crowdfunding

There are other advantages to using crowdfunding for your business. You will need to have a viable proposal, however the benefits our clients love are;

  • Less need for directors to commit personal security by way of a charge over property
  • No company Debenture, Fixed or Floating Charge normally required, this means no consent of your bank or other lender
  • Can be taken on a fixed rate with no early repayment fees after a short period, this gives the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility of repayment and certainty over cost
  • Loans can be topped up or increased once repayment history becomes proven

There are other great points, these are just a few.

The Myths of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not;

  • Just for solar cars, smart watches, video games and other weird and wacky ideas
  • Just an American thing that happens in Silicon Valley
  • About having to sell a stake in your business or run a social media campaign seeking support

Crowdfunding is;

  • A great option for normal trading businesses that want to borrow money and pay it back
  • A great way to raise business finance without needing to commit all your assets and first born child to the lender
  • Banking in it’s most core and pure sense
  • Simply a different way of raising the capital that you borrow

Don’t dismiss crowdfunding as it is a great option for many businesses looking to borrow, make sure you ask us about it.

Why Use Lime Consultancy

We love crowdfunding. So much so that we were named ‘Crowdfunding Specialist Advisor UK 2014‘, this recognition demonstrates what our peers think about our service, ability and track record in delivering. We are also easy to deal with and speak in plain English, that and we make it easy to deal with us.

The 100 Second Video Guide To Crowdfunding

For the very latest information and updates on Crowdfunding then visit our blog page and search ‘crowdfunding’. This is updated on an ongoing basis and where we post the best free, impartial crowdfunding articles.