‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’, Protect your hard earned work

We recently got involved with a company that had lost several clients to two senior managers who had set up their own company in direct competition to their previous employer.

We all recongise client relationships are built person to person, and maintaining them after any change has to be a priority.

When we looked at what was happening in this case it was obvious that the client contact details, emails and phone numbers had been retained by said managers and they were working toward winning these clients for themselves whilst still in the employ of our client.

We asked about contracts, the content of confidentiality agreements etc. However in this case there was nothing specific about ‘Non-Disclossure’ or ‘Non Compete’. Had these clauses been added then some recourse could have been undertaken, it may also be that the whole scenario could have been avoided.

When was the last time someone other than you looked at your business?

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