16 August 2014


Useful Business Downloads

There are loads of templates and business guides out there. Many of the better business models and funding guides are protected or guarded by those that use them.

The downloads we offer are all used by commercial lenders when assessing the strength or feasibility of a business, we offer them to you because they are both useful and they work.

A full list of what business models to use, how to use them and which ones are best to use is available by following this link.

To download any of the free pdf forms and guides we offer then select from list below.


SWOT analysis templateSWOT analysis template download as fillable pdf


Guide to SWOT analysis, dummy copySWOT Dummy template and guide as download pdf


LePEST business model templateLePEST business model fillable template as pdf download


LePEST dummy filled templateLePEST guidance notes as pdf download


Porter analysis fillable pdf templatePorter Analysis template as fillable pdf download


Porter Analysis GuidePorter Analysis guide, pdf download


PAR downloadable pdf guide to using PARPAR guide for using, pdf download


PAR fillable pdf templatePAR, fillable template to download as pdf


Pre Lending Check, fillable pdf

Pre-Lending Application Thinklist, fillable pdf download


Guide to using the pre-application lending thinklist

Pre-Lending Application, guide to using the Thinklist, pdf download


ReCOIL business model, pdf guide & fillable form

RECoIL fillable pdf download


Product Life Cycle fillable pdf template

Product Life Cycle, fillable pdf template to download


Product Life Cycle, downloadable pdf guide to using

Product Life Cycle, pdf download guide


Forecast Cashflow, P&L TemplateCashflow, P&L Forecasting template .xls download


Ideal referral template. Help get introductions networkingMy Ideal Referral. A profile form to help get more referrals networking 


Ideal contact profile, results at networkingMy Ideal Introduction. A profile form to make better connections networking


Cross Option agreement template 1Cross Option Agreement, template from Brightgrey


Cross Option Agreement template 2Cross Option Agreement, template from Scottish Provident



All of the pdf forms above are used and downloaded and used in line with the standard T&Cs relating to use of this website.

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