16 August 2014

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business lending documents and downloadsDownloads & Resources

There are loads of templates and business guides out there. Many of the better business models and funding guides are protected or guarded by those that use them, that is not a lot of good to you.

The downloads we offer are all used by commercial lenders when assessing the strength or feasibility of a lending proposal as well as giving the lender enough detail to assess an application.

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Applying For Lending

Asset & Liability Schedule pdf

Income & Outgoings Schedule pdf

Basic Details of Applicants pdf

Tax Computation & Tax Overview Guides – How To Download

Property & Development Lending

Property Development / Property Refurbishment Schedule of Works

Property Portfolio Schedule/ Landlord Template / Landlord 

Maximum Mortgage Calculator / Rental Calculator

Financial Information

Loan Repayment Calculator

Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Template

Cash Flow Template – 12 Months Cashflow

P&L and CashFlow Template For Start-Ups

Business Models & Business Plans

SWOT analysis template download as fillable pdf

LePEST business model fillable template as pdf download

LePEST guidance notes as pdf download

Porter Analysis template as fillable pdf download

Porter Analysis guide, pdf download

PAR guide for using, pdf download

PAR, fillable template to download as pdf

Pre-Lending Application Thinklist, fillable pdf download

Pre-Lending Application, guide to using the Thinklist, pdf download

RECoIL fillable pdf download

Product Life Cycle, fillable pdf template to download

Product Life Cycle, pdf download guide

Cross Option Agreement, template from Brightgrey

Cross Option Agreement, template from Scottish Provident



All of the pdf forms above are used and downloaded and used in line with the standard T&Cs relating to use of this website.

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