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cardboard box videoNew Business Ideas

The small business has one advantage over it’s large corporate cousins.

It can adapt, be innovative and apply those innovations at short notice.

This flexibility and adaptability is the USP the small business has, after all small businesses are built on the ability to meet a gap in the supply/demand chain.

Small businesses are built around fantastic new business ideas.

Innovation & New Business Ideas

I found this video about the reinvention of the cardboard box. Just about the only thing you could imagine would be impossible to redesign, yet these guys did.

What they have created is a new business idea. It simply proves that no matter what industry you operate in there is scope for innovation, which is the gap to allow small businesses to enter the market and prosper.

The Cardboard Box

This video summed up innovation quite nicely. If you can reimagine a boring old cardboard box, then there is plenty of new business ideas to be taken advantage of.

But is a cardboard box boring? This part was where it got interesting. A cardboard box is not just a box, it is essential storage, packaging, protection of goods, required to transport goods, it is the implement which allows for on-line sales.

If a normal old brown box can be so influential then it opens the door for small businesses to meet the needs of the future. If the market is moving fast then could a large corporate adapt as quickly, probably not. Could a small business? Definitely.


Implement Your New Business Ideas

In my experience the world is full of entrepreneurs who are only held back by doubt, and a lack of awareness of how to launch a business.

If you are running your own business and think you could add something to another start-up with a new business idea then please get in touch on 01293 541333. At Lime Consultancy we have clients with great minds, to get them funded we often need to strengthen the management team and your experience could be key.

The more small businesses work together then the more we all succeed. Well done Small Business Saturday.

If you have any comments about this article, or would be willing to work with another small business on a voluntary basis then please add your comments above or contact us at

By David Farmer

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