13 June 2015

Forms & Lending Applications

Forms & Lending Applications

If you want to borrow for your business then the best option is to make contact with us direct. If you would prefer to make a more informal enquiry then use the Enquiry Form below and we will make all reasonable efforts to respond within 24 hours.

Please fill in the pdf below then email to info@limeconsultancy.net If you have any problems saving the documents then refer to the notes at the bottom of this page.


Additional Information

We will often ask for more information about you and your business before we can properly provide commercial finance options to you. This is usually done by asking for some basic information in an easy to complete, set format.

Business Finance Profile

This form provides information on;

  • Your business
  • The background
  • Trading style
  • Company assets & liabilities


Personal Profile

This form provides information on;

  • The business owners
  • Experience
  • Finance background, assets, liabilities and commitments


All forms should downloaded, compelted and saved. Then email the completed form to info@limeconsultancy.net


Some pdf viewers or operating systems will require you to ‘print’ the pdf rather than ‘save’. In this case please ‘print’ and select ‘print to pdf’ or ‘save as pdf’ as the printer option. You can then email this version straight back to us.



Please Note

All forms are owned and copywrite of Lime Consultancy, please do not use without our express permission. The information gathered is subject to Data Protection, a copy of our data policy can be downloaded here – Data Protection Policy

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