How To Get Your Customers To Pay You More (Better Profits)

Better Profits Get Customers To Pay You MoreGet Your Customers To Pay You More

This means better profits. Better profits means a happier business owner. Better profits mean life is easier. All in all, a good thing yes?

We all have customers (I hope). So, if your customers were to pay you more then that would make you just a little bit happier, correct?

If better profits will make you miserable and sad then stop reading now, otherwise take a look at this and read on.

How To Get Your Customer To Pay You More

Bear in mind that these are all sensible ideas. We are not saying they are easy or possible in your business. What we are saying is that if you give them due consideration then you can get your customer to pay you more, and get better profits.

Try these simple ideas;

  • Increase your price
  • Suggest the most expensive option first
  • Stop reducing prices
  • Make payment as easy as possible (terms, accept cards etc)
  • Create bulk buy offers
  • Offer incentives for regular customers
  • Up-sell
  • Cross-sell
  • Stay in touch with your customers, contact them regularly
  • Train your staff and incentivise based on average sale price achieved
  • Offer quality and value
  • Stop half price, or buy one get one free. Go with 4 for the price of 3, or 3 for 2 instead
  • Give a gift over a set price

 It’s Not That Easy To Do

No it isn’t. But, it is entirely possible and probably not as difficult as you think. You are probably used to most of the above as a consumer, so why are you not doing it more yourself?

Ever been to McDonalds?

  • Been offered fries or a drink with that?
  • Want to go large?
  • How about a monopoly ticket with a large meal, or maybe a free glass?

What About On-Line?

  • Ever seen ‘other people you bought this also bought that…’
  • Click and Collect. So buy on-line but also have to visit the store
  • Want that boxed, or gift wrapped?
  • Delivery tomorrow at a cost rather than free?

Better Profits

All of the above shows that it can be done. Just have a look over the list, pick the things that may work for you and implement them. Chances are your customers will love you for it, good eh?

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By David Farmer

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