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Getting Business FinanceGetting Business Finance UK

Lime Consultancy have launched a free and open community group on Google+ to help UK businesses more easily fund funding.

The community is open to anyone. The aim is to encourage businesses to share ideas, successes and offer best practice advice based on their experiences of raising business finance.

Why A Google+ Group?

The decision to launch a community on Google+ rather than another social media site was based on the ‘open’ forum approach used on this platform. It is also easier to share comments, video and link to your blog content.

This means it offers the easiest way for everyone to share their views. It is our intent to expand the group onto Linkedin, however we would rather concentrate efforts in one place for now.

What If I Don’t Need Business Finance?

You may not need business finance now, but it doesn’t mean you won’t ever want to get some funding in place. The intention is that the ideas and knowledge shared will spread beyond just raising business finance.

Many of the comments and posts should offer a more general benefit. We would also like input from businesses that have raised business finance previously, or have other experiences to share.

Why Are Lime Consultancy Doing This?

Our experience and expertise in finding business finance is really valuable to our clients. However, this is about showing our expertise and utilising the expertise of other businesses, the Lime Consultancy belief is that by providing information, guidance and support that it will enhance our reputation.

It also underpins our business mission which is ‘Making Business Finance Simple’.

The Google+ community is simply one more step toward this goal.

How Does The Google+ Community Work?

If you don’t already use Google+ then the simple explanation is that things are pretty much the same as Facebook or Linkedin. You set up your profile, personal or business, then join a community.

If you like a post then comment on it, share it, or +1 it. A +1 is the same as a ‘like’ on other social media sites. You don’t have ‘friends’ on Google+, rather you have ‘circles’ which group your contacts into friends, customers, colleagues etc.

Apart from that there is not much else to it. Just log on and give it a go!

If you have any questions about the ‘Getting Business Finance UK‘ group, or about this blog post in general then add them above or contact Lime Consultancy direct here.

By Lime Consultancy