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Getting Business Finance UKGetting Business Finance UK

Having listened to businesses talk about how difficult it has been for them to raise finance, listened to stories of woe, tales of unsympathetic banks and been there to work with these companies, we decided to put more information in the public domain.

Google+ Community – Getting Business Finance UK

The Google+ group can be found here. The community is open to anyone and all comments, feedback and advice is encouraged.

The ethos of this community is to share knowledge, what has and what has not worked for you.

Lime Consultancy are sponsoring the community. This means we will run the administration and regularly add valuable commercial finance related content to keep things moving.

Google+, Why?

We accept that Google+ is not for everyone. But, with it being Google’s platform then it is going to get more profile. It also offers an easy to access community forum, contributors can link to their own content or to other web sources. It also allows video, infographics and other resources to be more easily shared.

We also found that most people have a google profile, either by using google products or having an android phone/ tablet. The mobile application is also fairly usable.

Joining The Getting Business Finance UK Community

Couldn’t be easier. Log on to the community here and join. Then add your comments, add some views and make use of the information already on the site.

The number of business owners and professional advisors using the community is growing every day, this means that you are getting more and more business finance tips for free.

Free Business Finance Advice

The community is not a sales channel for anyone. It genuinely is a collective of peer businesses and professionals, sharing their advice for free.

Please join in, get the business finance advice that the banks are not offering. See what your peers are doing, raise questions and use the resource.

If you have any questions then please call Lime Consultancy on 01293 541333, add your comments above, or contact Lime Consultancy here.

By David Farmer

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