Government Finance Initiatives (business grants)

There is a lot of talk about government support for small business, lots of rhetoric around government finance support and initiatives. There is also a lot of cynicism surrounding the subject, which is also well founded.

The challenge for most small businesses is that they cannot find, or do not know where to find government finance. There is plenty of media around large investment and industry tax breaks (read shale gas or technology sectors). However, there is much less about the schemes available for small business.

What Is Available?

The answer here is as ambiguous as you would get from the government themselves, in that the answer is ‘it depends’.

The main driver is geography. There are more schemes in some areas than others.

There is also a level of finance that appeal to these schemes and you need to be prepared to consider government finance as one part of your total funding, it will never be the answer to your entire funding need.

How To Find Government Finance

OK. This is not a one stop solution. What we have done is collated as much information as possible, so if you want to know what support is available for your business then get in touch.

Download the form – Finance Fact Find nonsign – then either email it to or fax to 01293 541333 and we will come back to you with your options.

The following link takes you to the government business finance portal, it doesn’t really give any answers. Rather, this identifies types of finance. Use it, but if you want something a little more tangibly helpful then just get in touch.

Can I Get Help To Secure Government Finance?

In simple terms yes. We can talk you through, identify the best sources and either let you apply on your own, or we will do it with you.

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