Government Growth Vouchers Scheme

growth voucher advisorWhat Are Growth Vouchers

The Government have several initiatives aimed at helping small businesses succeed. There is a real recognition by Government that small businesses need support, the surprising thing to many is just how many schemes there are available.

Growth vouchers are available to most businesses in England and offer up to £2,000 of match funding for specialist advice from a panel of approved professional advisors. Match funding means that the Government will match whatever you spend, up to £2,000.

Who Can Qualify For Growth Vouchers?

The basic criteria are;

  • You must have 249 employees or less (including any employees of companies that own a stake in your business)
  • Be registered in England
  • Been trading for at least one year
  • Not have paid for business advice in the last 3 years
  • Be independent (ie no more than 25% is owned by other businesses or organisations)

The Growth Vouchers can be used for advice in any of the following area;

  • Finance and cash flow
  • Recruiting and developing staff
  • Improving leadership and management skills
  • Marketing, attracting and keeping customers
  • Making the most of digital technology

This means that the vouchers cover pretty much every area of your business where you may be seeking advice. Remember that it is match funding, which means you need to be seriously considering buying advice in one of these areas. If you are then great, use Growth Vouchers and get your advice half price.

Where Do I Start To Apply?

Visit the Government page here to start the process of applying for Growth Vouchers. The site takes you through eligibility and the simple application process.

If you want to see which firms are registered and approved to provide advice through the Growth Voucher scheme then visit Enterprise Nation, take a look at providers in your locality and what areas of expertise they offer.

growth voucher logoOf course, if you are looking for business finance or funding support then Lime Consultancy are approved! See the profile and offering for business finance support.

The Growth Voucher scheme will hopefully encourage companies to take external advice and grow.

More Information

If you want to see the full breakdown of the Growth Voucher programme, how it works, what it covers and everything in full detail then you can download the Government guide to the scheme here – bis-14-539-growth-vouchers-programme-terms-and-conditions

If you have any questions about the Growth Voucher scheme, or how Lime Consultancy could help you under this scheme then give us a call on 01293 541333, contact us via the website or add your comments using the reply button above.

By Dave Farmer

One thought on “Government Growth Vouchers Scheme”

  • Mara, I think the scheme is too good for clients not to take it up. I am working on my first Growth Voucher client now, so will see how it goes. I am also promised by the Growth Voucher administrators that publicity around the scheme will be upped. Catch up soon!

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