Great Business Apps

really useful business apps

Great Business Apps

Want some really useful suggestions to make your business life a little easier?

I am no expert but having looked for solutions to various irritations these are some of the apps I have found that have made my life a little easier.

Not being one to keep things to myself, here are a few of my favourite business apps.


I use Xero for my accounting although Entryless works with several cloud bookkeeping systems. The app takes your receipts, reads them and then copies the detail straight into your bookkeeping software.

Receipts can be photographed, emailed or uploaded into Entryless.

What makes this app really useful is that not only does it save ages of time inputting details into your bookkeeping system, but it does so for free. Entryless will process up to 300 receipts every month without charge, anything above that costs $9.99 per month for the next 300.

If you are frustrated with doing your books each month then this may just me what you’re looking for.

CamScanner & CamCard

CamScanner is another free app, there is a paid version for around £2.99 but the ‘lite’ version works fine. CamScanner enables you to use your phone as a scanner, you can photo documents, edit the margins to the right place then save as a pdf.

The app allows you to email or upload your scans to Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox etc.

If like me you need to copy documents when with a client this app works great. I can copy ID or other documents then have them sitting on my computer when I get back to the office.

CamCard is by the same makers, it allows you to use your phone to photograph a business card. The app then reads the data puts it into sections and allows you to download as vcf or csv files which you can export into your CRM system or database.

The intelligent character recognition (ICR) is not perfect but even correcting a few errors is much quicker than the old fashioned way.


I am not sure where I would be without this one. Capsule is a CRM system. It offers a load of functionality and lets you shape things to how you want. As an off the shelf CRM system is is pretty hard to beat and at only £10 per month it is pretty good value too.

Where is comes into it’s own is where it integrates with other apps, for instance it will draw information from accounting software so you know who owes you what, it will also feed into calenders, emails etc.

For £10 it is well worth a look.


I am not sure I really understand how Zapier does things, bar the fact it does. What Zapier does is link different programs or software together even when it appears you cannot do it. For instance, I want Xero to remind me when an invoice is overdue by adding it to my calender. I set up a ‘Zapp’ by choosing my options and it just sort of…happens…

There are loads of options, more than I understand. If you ever find yourself duplicating entries into different systems then there is probably a Zapp to sort it out. Have a look.

Useful Business Apps

These are just a few of the apps that have made my life a little easier. Please don’t ask for advice or help, I just use them… If you know any apps that have really helped you then please add them in the comments above or contact us direct.

By Dave Farmer

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